Sentences in UK - What You Need to Know

Updated on Thursday 22nd November 2018

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Sentences in the UK can be issued for adults who were found guilty of serious crimes. A sentence is granted by the magistrates in the court of law considering the gravity of the consequences and the seriousness of the criminal act. In such instances, legal support can be provided by our criminal defence solicitors in London who can legally represent the defendant throughout the entire process. They can also help you appeal the sentence to higher courts in the UK.

The purpose of a sentence

For the crimes committed, an offender can be sent into custody for several years, as imposed in the court of law.  A sentence has varied purposes like:
protecting the community from criminal offenders;
offering rehabilitation for persons accused of serious crimes, in order to prevent future crimes;
reducing the crime in the community, by keeping the offender away from committing other crimes;
punishing the criminal for an inappropriate behavior which led to serious crimes like fraud, violence or murder.
We remind that, with complete legal guidance offered by our defence solicitors in London, an individual can be released on probation, if the seriousness or the circumstances of the case impose such measure.

How a sentence is imposed

If a person pleads guilty or if the magistrates found a person guilty of a serious offence, he/she can face imprisonment. A sentence is issued once the facts have been presented and if the magistrates consider the circumstances and also the consequences are severe and need to impose a particular punishment. One should know that a sentence reflects the gravity of a crime, a matter where the judge will analyze the facts and will decide upon a verdict and the years of imprisonment. Please keep in mind that our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer complete legal representation in the court of law throughout the entire process, whether if you are guilty or not of serious crimes.

How the sentences are worked out in UK

Depending on the facts presented in front of the magistrates, each situation is different, so is the sentence. The magistrate must consider the sentencing guidelines and the factors of each case, in order to consider and pronounce a sentence. According to the legislation in UK, the serious crimes come with a range of sentences which are available for the judges who must decide which one is right. The level of blame, the gravity of the case, the criminal record or the harm made to the victim are among things to consider when sentencing a person. No matter the case you are involved in, our criminal solicitor in London can represent you in front of the authorities and, if a sentence has been issued, our advisor will help you appeal the verdict.
Additional information about the sentences in UK and about the defence services we can provide for you in such situation can be obtained from our defence solicitors in London, so please do not hesitate to contact us.