Sentencing Hearings in UK

Updated on Thursday 22nd November 2018

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A person found guilty of serious crimes can be sent to prison right away, compared to a person who did not plead guilty and expects a trial. At a sentencing hearing in the UK, the magistrates will take into consideration all aspects related to the serious offence an individual has been found guilty of. For a better understanding of the guidelines in the sentencing hearing, we suggest you talk to one of our criminal defence solicitors in London.

The magistrates and the sentencing hearings in UK

Once the sentencing hearing begins, the prosecution will offer all the aspects and the facts related to the criminal accused of a serious crime in UK, including the consequences and the status of the victims. Please keep in mind that any declarations provided by the victims or by the witnesses will be presented at the sentencing hearing and considered by the magistrates when issuing the verdict. The prosecution and also the defence can suggest in the court of law the type of sentence, considering the offence category. It is good to know that the defence solicitors in London will sustain your case in the court of law, no matter the accusations.

Passing the sentence in UK

One should know that there are cases dealt in the Magistrates’ Court when the offender has pleaded guilty and he/she can be sent to the Crown Court if there are considerations a sentence cannot be established for varied reasons. Once in the Crown Court, the sentencing rules will be followed; for instance, a minimum sentence can be issued for specific offences which are considered minor. The culpability of the criminal, the damage caused and any aggravating aspects, plus recent convictions if there are any, will be attentively measured by the judges in the sentencing hearing. Let us remind you that our criminal defence solicitors in London can legally represent you in the court of law in UK.

The meaning of sentences

We remind that a sentence is issued with the purpose of punishing the offender found guilty of certain crimes. Even more, a sentence aims to reform and re-educate a criminal, in order not to commit any other offences when getting back into the society. A criminal lawyer in UK has a wide experience in sentencing hearings in UK, therefore you can ask for legal support in this matter.

We invite you to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for complete legal assistance when the sentencing hearing takes place.