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Updated on Saturday 02nd January 2021

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A sexual offence involves in most cases serious consequences, regardless of the nature of harassment, if it was only a violent behavior or if rape took place. These are sensitive cases, and the legislation might seem complex, meaning that the authorities continue to fight against the phenomenon by introducing severe laws and punishments. Nevertheless, it is important to know that you can have the support of our sex offences lawyers and receive immediate legal advice throughout the entire process.

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault refers to the cases in which individuals intentionally touch someone, without having consent in this sense. In severe cases, rape can be involved, but this is another type of offence for which persons can face several years of imprisonment. Here is what you need to know about sexual assault:
  1. Forcing someone to have sexual contact against his/her will is considered sexual assault.
  2. Sexual assault also refers to drug-facilitated sexual assault, torture, and child sexual abuse.
  3. Unwanted sexual intercourse turns into rape and serious consequences.
  4. Touching someone in public can be seen as a sexual assault.
Dealing with sexual assault and violence is an unpleasant situation that often leads to emotional problems and depression. Whether you are a victim of sexual assault or accused of such offence, it is strongly recommended to get in touch without sex offences lawyers in London and ask for immediate legal advice. Complete support is provided right from the start of your case, at the police station if you are there to make a complaint or if you are kept in custody.

Sexual assault in the family – What to do in this case

According to studies, children are the most vulnerable in cases of assault, and the ones who can be physically damaged. Unfortunately, the cases of sexual abuse are not reported to the authorities because children are scared of their parents and cannot talk about the violent treatments they receive. They are also afraid that no one believes them, they consider that this is a punishment, and they feel guilty most of the time. The things are quite different, and the authorities continue to fight for the rights of the children and help them if they detect a problematic family. If you are a witness of a sexual offence or if you believe that children might be victims of their own families, it is mandatory to request legal advice from sex offences lawyers. We are here to provide immediate support and representation if you have been involved in a sexual assault case, whether as a victim or as an offender. Let us tell you more about your rights in both cases and provide legal advice, and feel free to talk to one of our sex offences lawyers.

Types of sexual assault, presented by our sex offences lawyers

Groping is the type of sexual assault that involves persons touching or stroking an individual in a sexual way, without consent, whether in public or not. Rape means sexual intercourse without consent. Coercing, bullying, or intimidating someone in a violent and sexual manner means that sexual harassment takes place. Elderly sexual assault involves old persons who are victims of sexual abuse. Domestic violence and abuse often involve sexual assault and unwanted intercourse. We remind that sexual assault is against the law anywhere in the world, and offenders can face serious years of imprisonment. You should know that you can talk to our sex offences lawyers and get legal advice for your case at any time.

What can I do if I’m a victim of sexual abuse?

In cases of sexual violence, victims should contact the police and report the case right away. Also, in the case of offenders who face sexual offence accusations, they will have to talk to a sexual assault solicitor in London and ask for instant legal support. These cases are treated extremely seriously, especially if minors or victims of rape are involved. Even a small play that seems innocent at the beginning can end up badly and can involve sexual assault. Anything that looks suspicious needs to be reported to the police, so feel free to get in touch with our sex offences lawyers in London for legal advice.

What are sexual offences?

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 is a law passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom structured in 2 parts and covers all offences of sexual nature. Part 1 of the document includes all sexual offences and Part II speaks about offenders and the protective orders of the victims. Our team of sex offences lawyers can provide legal assistance for persons charged with sexual offences prescribed by the Sexual Offences Act. Below is a part of the actions that are covered by the mentioned act:
  •     sexual assault including: with or without penetration, assault of children under 13, and any type of assault without the consent of the other person;
  •     rape, including the rape of a child under 13;
  •     including and having sexual activity with children. Here also enters the abuse of trust which means having sexual activity in the presence of a child, forcing him to watch a sexual activity;
  •     sexual activity with a person with mental disorders, including the abuse of trust and force a person with mental illness to watch sex activities;
  •     the controlled prostitution and prostitution with the purpose of financial gain;
  •     sex traffic with an adult or a child;
  •     sexual activity with a family member;
  •     sexual activity with animals;
  •     abusive parents and tutors;
  •     sexual activity in public, voyeurism and sexual exposure, etc.

How can our sex offences lawyers help?

Persons accused of sexual offences can be punished with imprisonment in accordance with the rules and regulations in the UK. Sexual offences are in many situations related to domestic abuse, a case that needs to be reported to the police if you are a victim. As for the individuals who were charged with sexual violence in the UK, they need to know that legal representation in such cases is mandatory. Our sex offences lawyers can suitably analyze the case and can explain the legal rights of a defendant once kept in the police custody and then throughout the entire process starting with the first hearing in the court of law. An attorney can also help in obtaining the release on bail if there is no particular evidence related to the accusations.

Support for victims of sexual violence

Cases of sexual assault, sexual exposure, sexual abuse, indecent assault, controlling prostitution for gain, or sexual activity with family members imply numerous persons who can easily become victims of such inappropriate and illegal offences. Besides a proper representation in the court of law, the victims have the possibility to ask for support from special organizations in the UK. Such institutions can offer assistance and guidance in insurance matters or all kinds of compensations.

You are invited to watch the video below about how we can legally represent you if you have been accused of sexual offences in UK


Witnesses in a sexual offence assault

Witnesses in a sexual offence case should discuss with a legal representative and ask for support. Our sex offences lawyers in London are here to offer immediate legal advice and assistance in such a case. Even witnesses in a sexual offence case can be represented in the court of law as they are an important part of the trial. Unfortunately, there are situations in which witnesses in a sexual assault case are afraid to make a declaration and to present the facts they saw. Such situations cannot be easily handled without proper guidance, advice, and complete support. This is where our team of sex offences lawyers in London can offer essential legal advice and assistance. If you believe you are a witness in a sexual assault case, we strongly recommend you get in touch with our specialists and look for immediate legal support. We will explain the criminal procedure and guide you throughout the entire process. Moreover, if you believe it’s for your own safety, your identity can be protected.

Companies and sexual offence cases

Companies or organizations that deal with sexual assault accusations must be represented by a criminal defence solicitor in London or by an entire team. The criminal justice system might seem complex in such cases, so the legal advice and representation of sexual offences lawyers in London will prove extremely helpful. We have a dedicated team of specialists in sexual assault cases linked to businesses or companies. Instead of dealing with possible judicial errors in such a complicated case like this, it is best to pay attention to the legal advice and guidance a team of sex offences lawyers can give. Each case is unique and it is treated in accordance so that our customers receive the proper legal advice and representation. First of all, a free case evaluation will be offered, in order to see and find out more details about the case.

Sexual misconduct at a workplace – how we can help

Dealing with sexual assault at the workplace is definitely an unpleasant situation. Unfortunately, there are many cases of sexual abuse involving employees without support or help. Persons who deal with such unpleasant situations at work should talk to a specialist in sexual offences and ask for immediate legal advice and guidance. Sexual violence or assault cases cannot be passed by and cannot be forgotten. It is important to know that you have rights and you need to protect yourself in a case like this. Greater insecurity and difficulty are added to a sexual offence case that occurred at the place of work. The image and the reputation of both victim and offender can be affected, plus, the employer will be exposed to the same risks and consequences. You are invited to discuss with one of our sex offences lawyers in London and see how they can help you.

Compensations for sexual abuse cases

Victims of sexual assault and/or abuse can make civil claims and ask for compensation. Personal injury claims refer to psychiatric and physical damages, so you can claim compensation in this sense. A dedicated team of solicitors in London will guide you step by step and help you understand more about claim compensations for sexual assault.

FAQ about sexual offence

1. Do I need a sex offences lawyer if I’m accused of such crimes?
Yes, our sex offences lawyers in London will represent you right away if you have been accused of sexual assault.

2. What happens if I’m wrongfully accused of sexual assault?
Persons who believe they have been wrongfully accused of sexual crimes should contact a legal representative right away. Such cases are a priority to us.

3. What should I do at the police station?
If you are kept in police custody due to sexual assault accusations you should not answer police questions. You have the right to get in touch with a sex offences lawyer in London and ask for legal advice and representation.

4. How long will the sexual offence process take?
Unfortunately, complicated sexual offence cases take longer to verify and investigate, therefore, the trial will take time too. Nevertheless, you will be represented by our criminal solicitor in London who will prepare a suitable defence for your case.

5. Can I be released under investigation if accused of sexual assault?
Yes, if there isn’t enough evidence to sustain the accusations, the police can release you under investigation. This means that investigations in a sexual assault case will continue without you being kept in police custody. However, you are obliged to collaborate with the police.

Short facts about sexual offences

The following numbers and facts provide information about the sexual offences and victims in UK:
  • a 14% rate increase has been registered among sexual offence cases in UK in 2018 compared to the previous year;
  • only 17% of victims of sexual offences have the courage to report their case to the police.
  • more than 78,000 persons received support as victims and survivors of sexual assaults in UK in 2018;
  • 0.7% rise in sexual offences was revealed by the Survey for England & Wales for March 2018 compared to the same period in 2017.
Please feel free to contact our team of sex offences lawyers and ask for immediate legal advice if involved in such situations.