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Updated on Tuesday 01st August 2023

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Shoplifting charges are serious offences for which an individual should solicit legal advice from a team of criminal defence solicitors in London. Persons caught shoplifting can receive severe penalties and/or custodial sentences, therefore, the legal support of our shoplifting solicitors in London is needed in the court of law as they have extensive experience in this legal area. You may address your inquiries to our team of advisors and solicit immediate legal support.
 Quick Facts  
 When can accusations of shoplifting be brought?  If a person or a group of people steal goods, products, or money from a store and are caught.

Shoplifting circumstances 

 Shoplifting can take place in neighborhood stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls, etc.

 Who makes arrests in cases of shoplifting?

The local police 

 What rights do you have in police custody?

You have the right to:

- a lawyer,

- medical assistance,

- explanation of legal rights,

- legal aid under certain circumstances. 

 How long can you be held in police custody for shoplifting?

 Maximum 24 hours

 How can our shoplifting solicitors represent you?

Our shoplifting solicitors can represent you in police custody and in court and explain your rights. 

How can you get rid of shoplifting charges? 

If there is no clear evidence about shoplifting, you can be released from police custody. 

 What does criminal background mean and how can it affect you in case of shoplifting?

If you are charged with other crimes, a new charge can be added to your sentence. 

 Penalties for shoplifting

Fines and/or imprisonment 

 Legal aid for shoplifting accusations (YES/NO)  YES
 Defence strategies for shoplifting accusations

 Our shoplifting lawyers can:

- check the evidence in this case,

- represent you before the authorities,

- talk to witnesses if necessary.

 Legal support for minors accused of shoplifting (YES/NO)


 Video and photo evidence used in the case

 Store owners or those in charge of supervision can provide video and photo support for officials investigating shoplifting cases.

 Representation in the court of law (YES/NO)


 Why choose our shoplifting solicitors in London?

 We provide:

- an experienced team of solicitors,

- affordable prices,

- confidence.

- professionalism.

Shoplifting accusations and penalties in UK

Stealing from a shop is a serious offence and it is called shoplifting. This is also known as theft under Theft Act 1986 in UK for which several penalties apply, depending on the consequences involved, if a murder is involved or not. The criminal background of a person accused of theft will weigh in a large percentage in the court of law, meaning that if this is the first attempt of shoplifting the offender might receive a less severe sentence or a police caution which will be mentioned in the criminal record. Fixed-fee penalties can be issued for persons accused of shoplifting, but offenders who cannot or do not want to pay will have to face the consequences in a court of law in UK. Detailed information on this matter can be offered by our shoplifting solicitors in London.

What happens if you are caught by the police shoplifting?

The police can arrest a person and keep him/her into custody for at least 24 hours. It is important to know that you have the right to a criminal defence solicitor in London and seek legal advice if you have been accused of theft, including shoplifting. Here is what you need to know if you have been caught and accused of shoplifting:
  1. You have the right to talk to a shoplifting solicitor in London and ask for legal advice.
  2. You should not answer police questions until your criminal lawyer is by your side.
  3. You have the right to ask for medical support if needed.
  4. All your rights must be explained by the police when kept into custody.
  5. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can ask for legal aid and get in touch with our legal aid solicitors in London.
Have you been caught shoplifting and you don’t know what to do? Let our criminal solicitors in London take care of your case and explain your rights in this situation.

The cases in which you can be represented by our shoplifting solicitors in London

With vast experience in the field, our specialists have helped many people accused of shoplifting, in many cases without clear evidence in this regard. If you face problems of this kind, we advise you to contact our shoplifting solicitors. Here are the cases in which we can offer you specialized help:
  • Accusations of shoplifting from places like shops, malls, supermarkets, etc.
  • Shoplifting cases followed by other crimes like robbery and handling stolen goods.
  • Expert legal advice in police custody, if arrested for shoplifting accusations.

Where are the shoplifting cases dealt with?

Cases of accusations of shoplifting are heard in the Crown Court or the Magistrates Court in the UK. Depending on the gravity of the facts, those accused of shoplifting and found guilty can spend up to 14 years in prison. A good shoplifting solicitor in London can represent your interests in court if the charges are not dropped in the first place.

Dealing with a voluntary police interview under caution

There are situations in which you can be called for an interview under caution at the police station. This does not mean that you are arrested, but that you will be asked some questions regarding a specific case of shoplifting where you may have been seen and complained about by another person. It is recommended not to refuse such an interview under caution because otherwise you can be accused of shoplifting until the contrary is proven, if necessary.

In this way, you can collaborate and cooperate with the police in a case of shoplifting. But we recommend specialist help offered by one of our shoplifting solicitors in London for representation and explanation of the rights you have in a voluntary police interview under caution.

On the other hand, our drug lawyers can offer you support and advice if there are accusations of this kind concerning you.

Criminal trial after shoplifting accusations

Individuals accused of shoplifting, robbery, theft, or burglary can plead "not guilty." In this case, a trial in a court of law will proceed, with the mention that you will be represented by one of our criminal defence solicitors in London. It starts with checking the evidence that led to the accusations mentioned above, to see if they are true or false.

We specify that if reasonable doubt is confirmed, offenders are most likely to be found "not guilty" for the accusations brought. But if the prosecution brings enough evidence regarding shoplifting cases, then those found guilty will receive a sentence close to the committed acts.

Regardless of the case, you must know that we are here to represent you and advise you on the charges brought. Everything starts with legal advice in police custody, if necessary. Contact our criminal solicitors in London for more details.

What happens if the charges of shoplifting are dropped?

Our specialists often come to the attention of shoplifting cases for which there is not enough evidence or material to support the accusations. In such situations, individuals cannot be accused of such an act nor kept in police custody. He/she can be released on bail until the next investigation if the case continues to be of interest to the authorities. And if you were detained in police custody and the prosecution does not have complete support for the evidence that was handed to them, then you can be released. Things are clear in this direction, but we advise you to contact us to discover your rights.

What is the defence for theft cases?

Our shoplifting solicitors in London are at your service if you are looking for legal support and get rid of theft accusations. With a wide experience in theft cases, our criminal solicitors in London can offer in-depth support and legal advice, also considering the following aspects:
  • Our team of criminal solicitors in London can offer legal advice right at the police station.
  • The evidence in your case will have to be attentively measured.
  • Drawing the best defence lines for theft charges enters the attention of our team of advisors.
  • The lack of evidence can make you a good candidate for bail.
The legal advice our team of shoplifting solicitors in London might be solicited for varied cases, whether by individuals caught stealing from markets, shops, malls, gas stations, or anything related. Theft accusations are serious and can affect a person’s image and reputation, therefore, it is important to have an experienced team of advisors by your side who can act in your best interest and fight for the charges to be dropped. We remind you that the legal support provided by our shoplifting solicitors in London starts at the police station and continues in the court of law in front of the magistrates. A solid defence and the lack of evidence in a theft case leads in many cases to a positive result, if sustained by the experience of a criminal defence solicitor in London.

Choosing our shoplifting solicitors in London

Theft accusations are extremely serious and persons accused of such crimes might face up to 14 years of imprisonment. Luckily, you can rely on the support of our team of criminal solicitors in London who have a broad practice in theft cases, including shoplifting. A legal expert can properly handle such accusations right from the police station where the offender is kept. This is in many cases the first step to consider when caught by the police stealing from a shop, supermarket, or anything like it. The evidence will play a major role and it is important to know that video proof can be used against an offender in the court of law.

Here are some statistics about shoplifting in the UK:
  • Around 295,000 shoplifting cases were reported in 2022.
  • Thus, 4.9/1,000 population was the crime rate registered in 2022 in the UK.
  • In 2021, approximately 239,000 shoplifting crimes were reported.
  • Around 4/1,000 was the crime rate registered in the UK in 2021.
If you are looking for an experienced team of shoplifting solicitors in London, we strongly recommend you contact our advisors and find out more about the legal support they can provide for your case. Please address your inquiries and solicit immediate legal advice.