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Updated on Wednesday 17th July 2019

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The offence in which a person obliges someone to act in a criminal manner (for stealing, robbing, etc.) is known as solicitation. This is a criminal conduct for which all offenders can face imprisonment. You should know that our solicitation solicitors in London are here to offer you in-depth legal advice and support if you have been accused of such crimes. No matter the questions you might have about the defence in cases of solicitation, feel free to talk to our criminal defence lawyers in London.

What is solicitation?

According to the laws in UK, solicitation involves any act of convincing someone to do a crime or even the intention of doing something bad. In most cases, a leader of an organized crime group or band is the one who can be accused of solicitation. Here is what you need to know about solicitation and its implications:
  1. The intention to engage in a criminal conduct with a person can be considered solicitation.
  2. Requesting a person to act in a criminal manner is a serious offence called solicitation.
  3. Forcing someone to have sex for money is part of solicitation offences.
  4. The solicitation also involves persons encouraged to steal from a shop, house, etc.
Persons accused of solicitation should ask for legal advice from our solicitation solicitors in London. It is important to have the support of an experienced team of criminal solicitors in London in such cases and receive immediate assistance if you have been accused of solicitation.

Proving the crimes in a solicitation case

The authorities must investigate and prove that the offender intended to encourage an individual to commit a crime. The police can arrest a person suspected of solicitation, even if the act did not take place. For instance, if a police officer works undercover and receives a request involving a serious crime, the offender will be accused of solicitation. There is no need for a crime to take place in order to make the accusations of solicitation. In any case, if you face such problems, do not hesitate to give a call to our team of solicitation solicitors in London and find out more about the defence and legal advice you can receive.

How is the defence in solicitation cases?

Our solicitation solicitors in London will provide immediate legal advice if you have been accused of such crimes, and the first thing to consider is to deny such charges. This means that the defence can be created in such a way that offenders can say that they didn’t have the intention of committing a crime or forcing someone to act in a criminal manner. There are also cases in which persons forced or encouraged to do a crime refuse to do so, therefore, the criminal defence will be built around such implications. Our solicitation solicitors in London have extensive experience in such cases and can assist you throughout the entire proceedings. The legal advice and representation are extremely important for persons accused of solicitation, as such accusations can be dropped if there is no evidence.

Is solicitation a felony?

Yes, solicitation is against the laws in UK and persons involved and found guilty of such crime can face severe fines or imprisonment. There are a few important steps to consider if you got arrested for solicitation and among these, the right to ask for a criminal solicitor in London, and the possibility of being accused of a specific crime. More than that, offenders involved in solicitation cases need to know that the prosecution will only need to prove the intention of encouraging someone to commit a crime, not the act itself. This means that if there is no evidence in this direction, your case can have a positive result and the accusations can be dropped. You are invited to talk to one of our criminal solicitors in London and address your inquiries in this sense. It is good to know that you can be represented in front of the authorities by our solicitation solicitors in London

Facts and figures about the crimes in UK

Here are some statistics about the criminal activity in UK:
  • Household thefts increased by 20% last year in UK compared to 2017;
  • An 11% increase in robbery cases have been registered in UK in 2018 compared to 2017;
  • Fraud offences increased by 12% in UK in 2018 (around 3 million registered offences) compared to the previous year;
  • More than 438,200 were public order offences according to statistics for UK last year.
Solicitation accusations can turn into severe cases, especially if terrorism, violence, prostitution of human trafficking are involved. All the legal things you need to know about such accusations can be clarified by our team of solicitation solicitors in London, so please feel free to contact us at any time.