Suspended Sentences in UK

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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A suspended sentence is given by the court of law in cases where the offender does not represent a public threat or when the offences are minor, and if the sentence is under 12 months. There are several conditions to meet once a suspended sentence is given. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer legal support for individuals who received suspended sentences. Besides that, our team can provide legal representation in front of the authorities and can help offenders apply for bail or appeal sentences.

Conditions of suspended sentences

A suspended sentence means that the offender won’t go to prison but several conditions are imposed in the community, such as:

•    the offender will be supervised by a probation officer;
•    the offender must consider the restrictions imposed, including the ones related whether he/she can leave the country or not;
•    the offender can work for the community;
•    the offender must keep away from certain places or from certain people.

It is good to know that the suspended sentences are imposed for two years, and the conditions above needs to be fully respected. Our defence solicitors in London can explain the conditions which come with a suspended sentence and can offer complete legal help in this matter.

Working for the community if suspended sentences are given

Offenders who received suspended sentences can do unpaid work for the community, which is also known as Community Payback. It is good to know that a community sentence can be given to individuals who have been accused of assault, property damage, or benefits fraud and who committed a crime for the first time.

On the other hand, you can benefit from a free initial consultation, even at the police headquarters, if you have been arrested for drug crimes. With the necessary experience in such cases, our drug lawyers can offer you the necessary legal support, explaining in advance all your rights. Therefore, contact our specialists to benefit from the necessary defence strategies.

What happens if you break the conditions of a suspended sentence?

There are cases where criminals break the conditions imposed in suspended sentences or are part of other offences. If so, the offender will be sent to prison where he/she will serve the original sentence. Such situations can be properly handled by our defence solicitors in London who can represent your case in front of the authorities, where a suitable approach is needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for complete information about the suspended sentences in UK.