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Updated on Wednesday 17th July 2019

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Telemarketing harassment is, unfortunately, present anywhere in the world and it is seen as a public nuisance for many years. In UK, there is no specific legislation amending this type of harassment, however, people can ask for remuneration or can invoke the consumer protection legislation applicable at an international scale. Our telemarketing solicitors in London can tell you more about your rights if you have been harassed over the phone. Also, if you have been accused of this type of harassment, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.

Short facts about telemarketing harassment

Sellers over the phone are also known as telemarketers and their activity is related to the sale of goods and services by accessing and calling persons from a specific database. Some businesses believe that they can gain customers over the phone and their strategies might be quite stressing for persons who get harassed by phone calls promoting all kinds of services. There are also cases in which telemarketers ask for money and payments for the services offered. You should know that it is highly recommended to not provide your personal information on the phone, especially when it comes to your bank account. Our criminal solicitors on London have experience in this area, as there are numerous persons who report the harassment cases over the phone and ask for protection of their rights. Comprehensive legal advice in this matter can be provided by our telemarketing solicitors in London.

Are there any telemarketing guidelines?

Yes, there are different rules for telemarketers to obey, and there is a thin line between harassment and normal sale phone calls. Here is some information about telemarketing in UK:
  • companies with telemarketing activities need to respect the do-not-call list;
  • a telemarketer needs to provide complete information about the company when making a call;
  • persons can express the consent of receiving phone calls or not;
  • repeated text messages also enter the harassment category.

If you do not feel ok with this kind of calls, you can stop this activity by reporting the problem on the internet or by contacting the authorities for support. Our telemarketing solicitors in London are here to provide you information and legal advice if you believe you are being harassed over the phone by companies.

How do I report harassment calls?

Persons feeling harassed by telemarketers have the possibility of reporting such situations and register with the Telephone Preference Service in UK. This is a database of people who do not want to be part of marketing sales over the phone. However, if the harassment continues, individuals can ask or the support of our telemarketing solicitors in London and find out more about their legal rights in this case.

Scams over the phone – What can I do?

There are many companies that do not entirely respect the laws when it comes to sales over the phone. More than that, telephone scams have been registered, whether as phone calls or text messages promising sums of money or huge prizes in exchange for personal bank account information. We remind that there is no such thing as winning money over the phone, so it is highly recommended to not offer your personal information about the bank accounts you have. This is another form of fraud where people get trapped and find out they run out of money. Feel free to talk to our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice.

Investment opportunities over the phone

There are also cases in which telemarketers are part of investment companies looking for persons wanting to invest in different products or businesses. This means that a specific sum of money can be solicited. Persons should be aware of scams like these and should not offer any details about their bank accounts over the phone. Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, and investment schemes are types of frauds met on a daily basis anywhere in the world, including in UK. Here are some facts and figures about frauds in UK:
  1. GBP 197 million have been reported as losses related to investment scams in UK in 2018.
  2. GBP 29,000 is the average sum of money lost by victims of fraud in 2018.
  3. There have been approximately 6759 reports registered by victims of frauds in UK in 2018.
  4. Around 5,000 of fraud involved cryptocurrency and bond scams over the phone and on the internet.

We strongly recommend you contact our team of telemarketing solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice if you are a victim of fraud or if you have been accused of such offences.