The Cases in Which You Need a Defence Solicitor in London

Updated on Thursday 19th October 2017

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The Cases in Which You Need a Defence Solicitor in London Image
If an individual is facing a criminal charge or has been arrested and detained in the police custody, he/she is suggested to ask for help from our criminal defence solicitors in London, specialized in a wide range of criminal cases. Theft, violent crimes, road traffic, serious offences, military law offences or business crime are definitely situations in which legal assistance and proper guidance can be offered on request by our team of advisors.

Defence for theft charges

Individuals who have been accused of theft charges in the UK should know the procedure through which they will be subjected to this situation. This kind of charge is delimited by the Theft Act, which specifies what types of cases are considered theft, the way in which they will be controlled by the local authorities and the legal impact they will have on the accused individuals. Our criminal lawyer in London will study your case and will give you suitable guidance and information, in order for you to have positive results in your case.

Defence for violent crimes

Persons should know that in the UK any type of violence against others is considered a violent crime and here are involved not only homicide or murders but also theft and sexual crimes.  The concept of violent crime reflects this as an act where an offender uses force by all meanings against a victim. An act does not have to end with a murder to be considered violent and facts like kidnapping, terrorism, robbery or drug offences can be included in the group of violent crimes, depending on the conditions and the characteristics of the case. The defence solicitors in London will prudently analyze your case and will represent you in the court of law.

Defence for road traffic offences

When we talk about road traffic offences this means any abuse of the traffic rules in the UK. Any violation of the legislation is under the disposal of Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. Individuals who are involved in a case of road traffic offences are counseled to receive legal representation from our criminal defence solicitor in UK.

Defence for serious offences

Individuals involved in serious offence cases like human traffic, armed robbery, money laundering, bribery and corruption, arm traffic, prostitution or drug traffic should know they can demand legal representation from our legal advisors in assisting the case with proper guidance and clarifications to their problems. Our solicitors can discuss all the terms and individualities of the case in order to obtain the suitable result for you in front of the authorities.

Defence for military law offences

Individuals involved in a case of military law offence are recommended to receive legal assistance from a criminal defence solicitor in UK. The British Armed Forces fall under the Armed Forces Act in 2006 which covers the military law offences. If you believe you are suspected or involved in a military law offence case, desertion or absence without leave permission, assisting an enemy or revealing information to an enemy or misconducting or obstructing a high-level operation, our team of lawyers can provide you with the legal assistance necessary and proper information for your case.

Defence for business crimes

People involved in cases of money laundering, bribery, corruption, investment fraud, confiscation of assets should know that our defence solicitors in London can provide legal assistance on the case. Legal and natural persons can address to our defence lawyer when they are accused of offences like the ones above or when they are charged with a business crime

Legal support in bail applications in UK

Individuals who have been accused of certain crimes and then arrested and kept in police custody have the right to ask for a solicitor. In this matter, the offender can be released on bail under certain conditions and until the first hearing in his/her case. Meanwhile, the solicitor in UK will analyze the case and will apply for bail on the behalf of the accused. Once the bail application has been registered, the authorities in charge may or may not accept the bail, but before that, the considerations that the lawbreaker will not commit any offences while on bail release will be put on a debate. The conditions which come with a release on bail are related to settled dates in which the offender must be present to the police station. Furthermore, while on bail release, the individual cannot leave the country. The bail applications in the UK can be explained in legal terms by our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.

Legal support at the police station in UK

Criminals arrested in UK  for different offences are kept in police custody for 24 hours. In this time, a solicitor in UK can offer complete defence services, as they are necessary for further actions. For instance, an offender is suggested not to talk to the police officer and not answer any questions of the prosecution until a lawyer is present at the police station. Please keep in mind that a defender kept in police custody has the right to ask for a lawyer, can receive medical services on request and can solicit a translator if he/she cannot understand the English language.

Legal support for appeals to sentences in UK

Once the trial is over and a sentence has been decided in the case, an offender has the right to appeal the decision. There are particular terms and requirements in such cases, therefore, a comprehensive legal support is mandatory. It is good to know that the appeals to sentences in UK can be made by individuals who have pleaded not guilty in front of the authorities. In accordance with the legislation in the UK, an offender can appeal the conviction and the sentence within 21 days from the date of the decision. The appeals to sentences are registered and held in the Court of Appeal in the UK,  where your lawyer will be present and support your case.

For any other information and legal representation upon your case, please feel free to contact our team of defence solicitors in London.


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