The Definition of Dangerous Offender in UK

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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According to the Criminal and Justice Act 2003, a dangerous offender involves both a teenager or an adult who committed a serious crime and who is considered a major risk of serious harm. An offender is considered dangerous if he/she has been involved in violent, sexual or terrorist offences in the UK, where the sentence can be at least 10 years or life imprisonment. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide you with legal representation in the court of law if you have been accused of serious crimes and considered a dangerous offender.

When an offender is considered dangerous

The court of law in UK can determine whether an offender is dangerous or not. For instance, if the court deliberates that there is a major risk to members of the public of serious harm, an offender can be considered dangerous and subject to other types of sentences. The public refers in most cases to particular groups of abused children or family members indirectly involved in serious crime cases. If you find yourself accused of crimes in the UK, it is recommended to ask for legal help from our defence solicitors in London. We remind you that a criminal lawyer in UK is able to explain the rights before your case goes to the court of law.

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Sentences for dangerous offenders in UK

Dangerous offenders in UK are subject to three main sentences such as imprisonment for public protection, also known as IPP, life imprisonment and extended sentences. Such sentences are granted for dangerous offenders who committed crimes like manslaughter, causing death by dangerous driving, and all kinds of sexual offences. These types of sentences imposed for dangerous offenders are meant to protect the public from serious harm. A dangerous offender needs complete legal representation in front of the authorities, which is why we recommend the help from our defence solicitors in London.

When does the court consider an offender dangerous?

An offender can be considered dangerous by the court of law if it considered all the information available about the circumstances of the crimes and if the person has committed crimes before, whether in UK or in another country. Even the previous convictions can be analyzed before an offender is found dangerous to the public and subject to a different type of sentence. Our solicitors in UK can examine your case and the circumstances, in order to offer a proper defence in the court of law, especially if the status of a dangerous offender can be settled.

For any other information about the dangerous offenders and the sentences involved, please do not hesitate to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.