The Main Provisions of the Child Abuse Protocol 2013

Updated on Thursday 22nd November 2018

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The Main Provisions of the Child Abuse Protocol 2013 Image
The Child Abuse Protocol 2013 applies in cases of children and minors aged 17 or under who were victims of abuse, whether the crimes are considered domestic violence or crime committed outside the family or home. Victims of abuse need complete legal assistance, a matter where our criminal defence solicitors in London can help. Furthermore, if you have been accused of child abuse (sexual and non-sexual abuse) and kept into police custody, you have the right to ask for a solicitor who can explain you the rights and the main steps of the investigation before the hearing in the court of law.

The aims of the Child Abuse Protocol 2013

The British regulations regarding the child abuse, whether it is sexual or non-sexual, are strict and persons accused of such serious crime can face imprisonment, including life sentence. The Child Abuse Protocol 2013 contains the measures regarding the hearings and criminal proceedings in a case of abuse of minors. Furthermore, this important legislation connects the local authorities to the Family Court in UK, under complete supervision from the Family Justice System. One should know that any relevant material or evidence held by the police during an investigation of a child abuse case needs to be presented in front of the magistrates once the trial has begun. Details about the charges, offence, custody conditions or bail will also be provided by the police to the authorities which deal with child abuse cases in the UK (Family Division High Court, Crown Prosecution Service).

Please keep in mind that our criminal defence solicitors in London are able to provide you with complete guidance and legal representation if you have been accused of child abuse or domestic violence.

Report a child abuse to the police

Even though child abuse cases involve minors who cannot defend themselves or cannot tell if something wrong has happened to them, this situation, once discovered needs to be reported to the police. It is good to know that even suspicions of child abuse can be reported to the police. We remind that people who cannot afford a solicitor have the right to ask for legal aid in child abuse cases in UK. On the other hand, if you are suspected of child abuse and have been arrested by the police, you have the right to be represented by a defence solicitor in London. No matter the case and the accusations, our team can provide you with legal support from the police station and throughout the entire course of the trial.

For additional information about the Child Abuse Protocol 2013 and the legal help we can provide if you are found guilty of child abuse, please do not hesitate to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.