The Meaning of Alibi in UK

Updated on Monday 21st August 2017

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An alibi is a person who can be mentioned by offenders accused of certain criminal offences and who declare that they have been elsewhere and have someone to sustain this kind of testimony. This is how an individual can avoid the crime accusations if the alibi is solid and there is evidence in this matter. A comprehensive explanation of the purpose of an alibi and the rules which come in this kind of situation can be obtained from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

How does the alibi work in criminal cases in UK?

Burglary, fraud, theft, robbery, or murder are serious crimes an individual can be accused of. But if details about an alibi can be shown, a person can defend himself and the charges can be dropped, once the evidence is verified and accepted by the authorities. A prosecutor who investigates a criminal case where an alibi sustained by a person is offered is entitled to ask complete information about the name, address, occupation or anything else about that person. Furthermore, an alibi must sustain your story in front of the authorities and can be a proper defence against all charges.

Our defence solicitors in London can offer legal support in cases where an alibi is provided. The circumstances in which an alibi is necessary and the defence which can help the offender get rid of the accusations can be explained in legal terms by our criminal lawyer in UK.

How can an alibi be reliable in a serious criminal case in UK?

Persons accused of crimes in UK can provide the authorities with an alibi besides a declaration in this matter. The reliability of an alibi is then investigated by the police who will make a report in this matter, where details about the alibi must be mentioned, such as name, domicile, and criminal record. We remind that this case is issued in the court of law where complete information about your alibi must be presented in front of the authorities. One should know that in most cases, an alibi who had trouble with the law in the past may not be accepted by the magistrates once your case is deliberated.

Please consider that our criminal defence solicitors in London have a wide expertize in criminal cases where alibies have been provided. A strong defence in front of the magistrates, especially if an alibi is involved in a criminal case and makes a statement in this matter, will lead to drop-off charges.

An alibi is a suitable defence in many crime cases, but complete information on this matter can be provided by our team of defence solicitors in London if you contact us.


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