The Meaning of Newton Hearing in UK

Updated on Wednesday 10th July 2019

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The Newton hearing is a special legal procedure in UK which is used when the defence pleads guilty of varied facts which are different from the accusations of the prosecution in the court of law. This is that kind of situation where the magistrate will listen to both parties, without having to rely on the jury’s judgment. In the court of law, when a Newton hearing is adopted, our criminal defence solicitors in London will offer complete legal assistance.

A better understanding of the Newton hearing in UK

In special cases where offenders are accused of varied crimes, the judge can call for a Newton hearing and will not involve the jury. This kind of hearing takes place when there is a guilty plea and if the magistrate considers that the proof cannot sustain a possible and probable verdict. The trial starts as a normal one, where both parts present their side of the story and varied statements, including from witnesses if it is the case. The exception, in this case, is that the magistrate will also play the jury’s role, and after the evidence and the statements have been presented in the court of law, a verdict in this matter will be made. With the help of our defence solicitors in London, an offender can be prepared for a Newton hearing regarding the legal aspects.

The story behind the Newton hearing

The Newton hearing is a modern legal procedure which was implemented in 1983 after a real case where a defendant named Newton was accused of sexual offences, recognized his guilt and also the fact that the act was with complete consent. This is why a special hearing was necessary, to debate whether the sexual act was consensual or not. The magistrate ordered a different kind of verdict decision, without having to consider the belief or opinion of the jury, but taking into account the testimonies made in the court of law. It was for the first time such trial took place in England, and since then, even if it was criticized by many, the Newton hearing was legally implemented and it is used in varied situations in the UK. A criminal lawyer in UK will provide you with a complete explanation about the Newton hearings and the cases in which such procedure can be performed.

The benefits and risks of a Newton hearing in UK

A Newton hearing in UK is time and resource consuming and if it proves ineffective, the sentencing credit will be reduced. The same procedure is requested or proposed by solicitors in UK if they consider it will benefit the offenders. One should know that in many situations where the proof is not presented and if there are doubts related to the case, a Newton hearing will give credit to the offender. Our criminal defence solicitors in London deal with cases where Newton hearings are involved, therefore, suitable guidance in this matter can be offered on request.

For additional information about the Newton hearings in UK, we invite you to get in touch with our team of defence solicitors in London. If you need a lawyer specialized in personal injuries, we can put you in touch with our partners lawyers in Los Angeles