The Responsibilities of the Youth Justice Board in UK

Updated on Friday 23rd November 2018

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The Responsibilities of the Youth Justice Board in UK Image
The Youth Justice Board (YJB) in UK controls the way the justice system and services apply to young criminals in the country.  This is a non-departmental public entity with the office in London, and it is involved in numerous cases of teenagers who committed crimes in the country. If your child has been accused of serious crimes, it is best to ask for legal help from our criminal defence solicitors in London. The same team can legally represent any offender accused of crimes in the UK.

How can the Youth Justice Board help?

Minors who are involved in crimes in UK are treated differently from adults, and special courts of law receive and judge their cases. The Youth Justice Board is in charge of providing to young criminals the necessary support and counseling, in order to change their criminal behavior. The same board supervises the youth justice services and detects the operative practice of such services. Besides that, YJB must control whether the teenagers have been sent to a secure and proper center to serve the punishment. Such centers are made especially for young criminals, where they can receive a wide range of educational programmes meant to change their behavior and to reintegrate them back into the community. The Youth Justice Board in UK is usually informed of each modification in a child's behavior or if he/she does not receive a suitable treatment while in custody. Parents and tutors will be noticed about how their teenagers deal with such situations and if improvements have been observed in their behavior. Our defence solicitors in London can legally guide any parent or tutor with minors who broke the law in the UK.

Why is Youth Justice Board necessary in UK?

The Youth Justice Board strongly collaborates with the local authorities in its way of improving their services and programmes. This entity promotes the voice of the children, and if improvements need to be done, the YJB can get in touch with the Secretary of State for Justice in the country. Youth Justice Board was founded with the purpose of controlling how the justice system applies to young criminals in the UK, by monitoring it and its provisions. Besides that, YJB in UK has numerous priorities, among which we remind the need of implementing a center of excellence approach in youth justice in the country. Once our criminal defence solicitors in London deal with teenagers and their legal problems, they will adopt suitable methods to prove the innocence in the court of law.

If you want to know more details about the Youth Justice Board in UK, we invite you to contact our team of defence solicitors in London