The Right to Bail After a Conviction in UK

Updated on Tuesday 19th September 2017

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The Right to Bail After a Conviction in UK Image
Before issuing a sentence in the court of law, the magistrates can agree to suspend the case for the moment, especially if new evidence is involved.  Persons who were found guilty of crimes but haven’t received the sentences can apply for bail in such situation. Under certain conditions, which our criminal defence solicitors in London can legally explain then, an offender has the right to apply for bail if there is no verdict issued. Our team can provide legal support for persons accused of offences.

Conditions to obtain bail

According to the Bail Act 1976, individuals accused and found guilty of crimes should expect the verdict at any moment. But if the magistrates will postpone the decision, the offender can apply for bail, under special circumstances. Please consider that offenders who are believed to commit another offence while on bail, who will fail to surrender custody and who will intimidate the witnesses in a case will not be granted bail.

If an individual will apply for bail while his/her sentence is not issued, the authorities will analyze the seriousness of the case, the criminal record and if he/she has been released on bail before and respected the conditions. In this matter, our defence solicitors in London will provide you with complete legal support and will explain your rights.

Magistrates’ Court and the bail in UK

The applications for bail can be made at Magistrates’ Court, if the offenders dealt with delayed or postponed hearings where the sentence should have been issued. It is good to know that a verdict can be suspended if there is new evidence presented, or if the authorities need more time to deliberate on the case. As for the bail application, one should consider that in such cases, there is no need for the offender to be heard in the court of law. If the bail is refused, the offender can appeal the decision to the Crown Court in UK, but considering the legal help of our defence solicitors in London.

For any other information about the right to bail after a conviction in UK, we invite you to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.


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