The Right to Bail and Its Exceptions

Updated on Friday 13th January 2017

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If you are in police custody, being accused of different types of offences, you have the right to solicit help and legal assistance from our criminal defence solicitors in London. You have also the right to apply for bail and to be released until the first hearing at the court of law in the UK.


Conditions to consider when you apply for bail in the UK

Depending on the type of offence or charge, an individual can or cannot apply for bail. For instance, people involved in a murder case cannot be released on bail, if the conditions are severe and need to be investigated.

If the bail has been granted to you, this means you cannot talk to the witnesses involved in your case, you need to communicate the address you will live at before the first hearing and you must provide your passport to the police, in order not to leave the country. The individual released on bail needs to report to the police at specific dates approved by the authorities. It is good to know that if these rules won’t be respected, the right to bail will be withdrawn and the person can go back to jail. Our defence lawyer in the UK is able to offer legal assistance and proper information for arrested individuals who want to be released on bail.

Exceptions to bail in the UK

After a suitable examination of your case, the authorities in charge may give or may not give the right to bail. Armed robbery, crimes, attempting to murder or any serious offences are cases where the right to be released on bail is not granted. Also, you may not receive this right if your criminal background is not clear and if you committed crimes in the past. If the police think you are a threat to the society or you will commit another crime, then the bail will not the granted for you. One can be put on demand and cannot be released on bail until the first hearing at the magistrates’ court if the case is severe and serious offences are involved.

You may ask for additional information and details about the right to bail and its exceptions if you contact our team of defence solicitors in London.


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