The Role of Crown Prosecution in UK

Updated on Friday 23rd November 2018

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The trials in the UK are prepared and presented by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), an independent judicial agency in the country. This organization strongly collaborates with the police and courts of law where criminals are sent. The criminal justice system in UK is well made and it is recognized worldwide. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer legal support for persons found in police custody and charged with crimes.

What does the Crown Prosecution Service in UK represent?

From the beginning, we remind that the prosecution service in UK is different from the one established in Scotland, but both respect the rules and regulations of the Prosecution Offences Act 1985. This important law mentions that prosecutors must perform their activities in a fair and consistent manner and to provide the evidence in a correct way. The CPS also collaborates with the Serious Crime Group and Central Fraud Group in varied serious offences. The Crime Prosecution Service in UK is also under the strict supervision of Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate which oversees all operations and cases in the UK. A prosecutor can provide to the police particular opinions and also evidence about someone who should be charged with crimes and then arrested. Any individual who has been accused of crimes in the UK can get in touch with our defence solicitors in London for complete legal assistance.

Why the need of CPS in UK?

The Crown Prosecution Service in UK is an independent agency which is known as working the cases on its own, but it doesn’t have enough resources as the police do. But the main responsibilities of the CPS are to provide complete support for the police in cases of offenders who broke the law and committed serious offences. The rate of success of CPS is quite high, as there are about 1 million prosecuted cases each year. The role of Crown Prosecution Service in UK and the rules this entity consider can be explained by our criminal defence solicitors in UK.

Please keep in mind that if you are accused of serious crimes in the UK and you need legal help, our team of defence solicitors in UK can help, so please feel free to contact us.