The Rules Related to Criminal Damage

Updated on Tuesday 20th November 2018

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The criminal damage refers to the situation where a property is destroyed without any lawful excuse, whether it is one's belongings or someone else’s. This is a serious offence which is punished in accordance with the rules and regulations in the country, under the Criminal Damage Act 1971. Persons accused of criminal damage have the right to defend themselves, therefore, it is recommended to ask for legal support from our  criminal defence solicitors in London.

The meaning of criminal damage in the UK

An individual can be charged with a criminal damage if he/she destroyed someone's property as a method of threat or intimidation. There are cases where persons buy and keep all kinds of properties with the intention of destroying them, a serious offence which in numerous cases imply at least 10 years of imprisonment or a life sentence, in accordance with the gravity of the damage. Our criminal lawyers in London are able to offer legal support in cases of criminal damage.

What is criminal damage without a lawful excuse

A criminal damage without a lawful excuse is related to the cases where a person destroys a property with the intention of defending personal belongings or the interests in a particular asset. Such defence is used in cases where an individual must destroy a wall before it makes damages to the building or to the persons found in that building. The same is available for firemen who need to demolish certain buildings with the use of water. Complete information in this matter can be solicited from our attorneys in London.

What you need to know about the offences of criminal damage

A criminal damage may sometimes come with other serious offences like burglary, fraud or domestic abuse. Moreover, it is good to know that a criminal damage can be applicable in cases where the damage is extreme or there is a problem in launching the necessary proof for the criminal offence, especially in burglary cases.

Please contact our team of criminal solicitors in London for complete information about the criminal damage offences and about the legal representation you can obtain in this matter.