The Victim Statement at the Parole Board in UK

Updated on Thursday 20th July 2017

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The Victim Statement at the Parole Board in UK Image
A victim statement made to the Parole Board in UK implies the victims of offenders who can be released on parole or transferred to an open prison. In this case, the victims have the right to be presented at a parole hearing in the court of law, especially if a statement has been made in this matter. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide you with legal assistance and advice if you want to make a victim statement to the Parole Board in UK.

Who can make a victim statement in UK?

The serious cases which ended up with imprisonment in UK can be reheard after a certain period, if the Parole Board considered the convict eligible to be released on parole. The victims in these cases are noticed by the authorities in charge, if the person who serves a sentence wants to be released on parole. This is the case when an individual can make a victim statement if he/she doesn't agree with the decision of the Parole Board. If the victim, in this case, has died or is a minor, the close relatives are the ones who can make a victim statement. It is good to know that the mentally disordered persons cannot make a victim statement, but the family members can do so on their behalf. We remind that our criminal solicitors in London are able to offer comprehensive legal support for persons who want to make a victim statement to the Parole Board in the UK.

How to create the victim statement

Our lawyer in UK is able to offer proper guidance if you have decided to write a victim statement. Such declaration needs to contain your personal and sincere opinion regarding whether the offender needs to be released on parole or not, if you fear for your life once the convict is released and the ways in which the criminal conduct has affected you and your family. The Parole Board receives the victim statement and it is recommended not to offer too many details about the crime involved in your case, but to focus on the idea of whether the offender should be released from prison or not. If you find difficulties in writing a victim statement, our criminal solicitors in London can guide you in this matter in legal terms.

The convict and the access to the victim statement in the UK

It is good to know that the victim statement can be read by the prisoner who wants to be released on parole before the hearing in this matter takes place. At request, a victim of a serious offence can solicit to the authorities to deny the right of the prisoner to access the declaration, if he/she comes with strong evidence or information that the family is put at risk or if a further offence can occur in the future. This is an exceptional situation which needs to be properly analyzed.

For a better understanding of the cases when a victim statement at the Parole Board is necessary or requested, we invite you to get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.


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