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Updated on Sunday 25th June 2017

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A person kept in custody and waiting for the pre-hearing in the court of law can be released under bail conditions if the custody time limits have been exceeded. There are cases sent to the Crown Court or at the Magistrates’ Court, but if the time limit has expired, the offender needs to be released from custody. Complete assistance and legal advice in this matter can be obtained from our defence solicitors in London who can also help you apply for bail.

What you need to know about custody time limit period in UK

The time limit for custody before the trial starts at the Crown Court is 182 days, and if the hearing doesn’t take place within these days, the criminal offender can apply for bail and be released from custody. As for the cases heard at the Magistrates’ Court, the custody time limit period is 56 days. Your lawyer in UK can properly analyze your case and if the time limit for custody has been exceeded, your solicitor can help you obtain the terms of bail.

Custody time limits for young offenders in the UK

The custody time limits (CTL) are also applicable for young offenders in the UK kept in custody, and if a secure accommodation order was granted, the period related to the custody time limits starts from the day the order was given. We remind that the cases with young offenders who committed crimes in the UK are dealt in the Youth Court, but the custody time limits are the same as for adults charged and arrested for serious crimes. It is good to know that if an offender found guilty of serious crimes and kept into custody offers evidence about his/her health, this can weigh much when calculating the release date of the young criminal from prison.

Custody time limits for additional charges inUK

According to the rules and regulations in the UK, any new charges brought to an offender already kept into custody will change the custody time limits. This is available in cases where the new offences are different from the first ones a criminal was imprisoned. In such serious cases, the prosecutor needs to validate the motives and the timing for the advancement of a new offence charge for individuals in the UK.

Let us remind that you can contact our team of criminal solicitors in London for comprehensive information about the time limit for custody in UK.


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