UK Trial Outcomes

Updated on Thursday 22nd November 2018

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Once a trial or a hearing in the court of law is finished, an offender can be found guilty or not, depending on the circumstances of the case and the defence. The trial outcomes in UK and the verdicts one can receive can be explained in legal terms by our criminal defence solicitors in London. They can provide legal support in varied cases when individuals have been accused of serious offences like fraud, bribery, manslaughter or cyber crimes.

What happens if an offender is found guilty of crimes?

The cases when a defendant is found guilty by the juries in the Crown Court in UK will lead to immediate imprisonment of the individual. According to the circumstances and the gravity of the facts, the next step is to settle the sentence. It is good to know that the sentencing hearing in UK is held by the magistrates in the court of law, where the offender needs to be present. Before the trial and right at the police station, our defence solicitors in London can provide you with complete legal assistance, where a suitable approach is necessary for a positive result of the case.

What happens if an offender pleaded guilty in the court of law?

An individual accused of serious crimes in the UK and found in a plain trial can accept the accusations by pleading guilty in front of the magistrates. Pleading guilty in the court as an offender may happen at the begging or in the middle of the process, and according to the consequences, whether a crime took place or not, the judges will set a particular sentence. One should know that the magistrates will consider a particular sentence if the offender pleaded guilty. The sentencing hearing takes place as soon as the individual pleads guilty, or at a particular set date. We remind that our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer complete support in the court of law, whether you have been found guilty of serious offences committed or not.

Please feel free to contact our defence solicitors in London for complete details and legal support about the UK trial outcomes. You can rely on our defence services in case of any serious offences you have been accused of.