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Updated on Wednesday 17th April 2019

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Vandalism represents a series of criminal offences which often involves young criminal under the age of 18. Property damage is connected to vandalism and minors involved in such acts can face different penalties and can be sent to special centers for rehabilitation. Our vandalism solicitors in London have experience in this area and can provide you with the necessary legal advice if you have been accused of vandalism or if your minor child is involved in such criminal acts. Let our criminal defence solicitors in London tell you more about the applicable legislation in this matter and about the defence in such cases.

How is vandalism described by the laws?

The Criminal Damage Act 1971 and the Malicious Damage Act 1861 are two important sets of laws that cover the vandalism acts and stipulate the penalties for such criminal acts. Graffiti, property destruction, territorial markers made by gangs or related bands are called vandalism acts and criminal offences for which penalties are imposed. Here is what you need to know about property damage and vandalism:
  • making graffiti on state-owned buildings is strictly forbidden in UK;
  • rioting involving vandalism acts and destruction of public properties are criminal offences;
  • cutting trees without permission, breaking windows, cutting tires and painting buildings are considered vandalism acts;
  • even political vandalism like street marketing materials (posters, billboards, stickers) placed without permission is forbidden by the laws.
Our vandalism solicitors in London are at your service if you have been accused of serious offences like criminal damage. Minors accused of vandalism need to be accompanied by a parent or a tutor who needs to get in touch with a criminal defence solicitor in London.

Factors related to vandalism acts

Vandalism cases will be presented in the court of law if several factors are met, as the clear intention of damaging a property belonging to someone and if damages are visible. The reckless intention of breaking or damaging private properties is called vandalism, a serious offence for which a trial can commence. It is important to know that our vandalism solicitors in London will properly analyze your case and if the above-mentioned elements describing a vandalism acts are not part of the accusations, the charges can be dropped.

Why vandalism acts appear?

Envy or anger are two reasons why vandalism acts develop but there is no limitation in this matter. Gang graffiti might be sustained by political ideologies and youngsters who develop a bad behavior into the society can face different punishments. It is good to know that the Youth Justice Board in UK can send minors found guilty of vandalism acts to special centers where they will receive a specific treatment. Youngsters found guilty of vandalism can face the following penalties:
  1. Fines can be imposed for graffiti acts and property damage. Minors caught drinking in public and destroying cars or properties can be punished in the same way.
  2. Referral orders are the type of agreements mentioning that the minors are ready to enter rehabilitation programs.
  3. Sentences of no more than 6 months are imposed for severe vandalism acts where persons are injured or killed.
  4. A youth rehabilitation order or no more than 3 years of imprisonment can be issued for minors accused of vandalism.
Our criminal defence solicitors in London have extensive experience in cases involving minors and criminal damage. The defence provided by our vandalism solicitors in London will be built around such case by verifying each detail and identify the proper strategy when representing in the court of law. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of advisors and find out in-depth information in this matter.

Legal advice for vandalism and criminal damage

Seeking legal advice as soon as you have been accused of vandalism and detained in police custody is the next thing to consider. A vandalism solicitor in London will explain the rights you have if accused of criminal damage and especially if a minor child is involved. Parents or guardians of youngsters caught and accused of vandalism acts should ask for legal advice from our vandalism solicitors in London who can determine the proper approach in front of the authorities, starting with representation at the police station or care centers for minors.
If you would like to know more about the legislation for vandalism and criminal damage acts, it is recommended to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for legal representation.