What Are the Sentences for Young Offenders in UK?

Updated on Friday 11th August 2017

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What Are the Sentences for Young Offenders in UK? Image
The dangerous offenders in UK under 18 are subject to a different type of sentence, as mentioned by the Criminal Justice Act 2003. If a young criminal has a dangerous offender status and he/she is charged with a “specified offence” (rape, sexual violence, murder) he/she can be sent for trial to the Crown Court in the UK, where legal representation is mandatory. Our criminal defence solicitors in London have a wide experience in cases of young offenders involved in serious crimes and can offer legal advice in any case.

Types of sentences for young offenders in UK

Youngsters found guilty of certain crimes are sent to the Crown Court in UK where the magistrates can impose a sentence of indeterminate detention for public protection, or extended sentences. We remind that the Youth Court in the UK cannot enforce sentences for an indeterminate length, which is why such cases are dealt at the crown court. In serious criminal cases in UK, suitable legal representation is necessary, especially if young offenders are involved, a matter where our defence solicitors in London can offer legal support.

Life sentences for minors in UK

There are cases where minors are involved in serious crimes for which they can receive the same type of sentence as for adults, including life imprisonment. A sentence like this can be imposed for dangerous offenders, even for young criminals, if the court of law considers the teenager a public threat. A young offender convicted of a specified offence and considered dangerous by the court of law can be sent to custody in special institutions where the minimum sentence is 2 years, and if the gravity of the crime is sustained by the strong evidence, the young criminal can receive life imprisonment. No matter the seriousness of the case, our criminal lawyers in UK are able to provide you with legal support and representation in the court of law. Our team can also help you prepare your case to be released on bail, under certain conditions.

Extended sentences for young criminals in UK

Young offenders under 18 who are convicted of a specified serious offence like sexual violence or murder can be considered dangerous offenders by the court of law and can receive an extended sentence in a center for young offenders in UK, where the appropriate custodial term is at least 4 years. It is good to know that there is a possibility of being released on probation, if specific conditions are met. Our defence solicitors in London deal with numerous cases where young criminals are involved, therefore, a suitable approach on every case in front of the magistrates is mandatory.

If you need legal help for your minor involved in serious crimes in UK, please do not hesitate to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.


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