What Happens if You Are Found Guilty

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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If an individual is found guilty of criminal offences, he/she will receive a sentence like imprisonment, fines or community services to perform. Our criminal defence solicitors in London will offer legal representation for your case and will help you appeal against the verdict. Condemning can take place upon the defendant's pleading or being found guilty or at a later date, in which case the defendant will be sent back to jail until sentencing or release on bail.

Appealing the "guilty" verdict

An appeal is an evaluation of the trial court's application of the law. There is no jury in an appeal, no solicitors or witnesses, and usually, no other procedures of evidence. The court will accept the facts as they were exposed in the trial court if an accurate finding is obviously against the weight of the proof. The appeals court cannot decide the integrity of a witness or make a pronouncement as to whether or not someone was lying in his/her testimony. The court of appeal defines whether the judge made all of his/her decisions founded on the rules. 

If an individual considers appealing the case, the first step is to consult our criminal defence solicitors in London. When you consult with an appellant lawyer, you have to bring your judgment along. Additionally, you have to be ready to answer questions about mistakes you consider the judge made during the hearing.

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Getting a grant of legal aid to appeal

The defendant found guilty can apply for a grant of legal aid to appeal and, with the help of our advisors, he/she has to attach a transcript of what happened in the court to the application for a grant of legal aid. If the individual already has an opinion from a criminal solicitor in London about the grounds of appeal, he/she will also need to attach this to the application as this will also be taken into consideration. A conclusion will then be made to grant or to refuse legal aid for the defendant’s appeal. Moreover, if you are appealing a Magistrates' Court verdict, you will also need to provide the Supreme Court with a copy of:

•    any other record the court will need to decide the appeal (for example, the statement of material facts, your criminal record etc.);
•    the prosecution notification;
•    the transcript of records in the court of law.

What happens if the appeal is refused

If your application for appeal is declined, you can request a review of the pronouncement. Time limits apply in this case, so if you wish to ask for a review, you should get legal assistance from a defence solicitor in London as soon as possible to verify whether you have good reasons for asking for a review. 

We have also prepared a video about how our criminal defence solicitors in London can help offenders if found guilty of crimes in UK


Suspended sentences if found guilty

Even if a person is found guilty of certain offences, he/she can receive a suspended sentence. For example, if the offence is minor, and the individual does not represent a threat to the society, the court of law can grant a suspended sentence. Please keep in mind that the offender will be supervised by a probation officer, he/she cannot leave the country, but community work might be imposed. Furthermore, during a suspended sentence, an individual cannot contact particular persons involved in the case, especially if they are witnesses in a case.

Community sentences for minors found guilty

If teenagers found guilty of drug possession, shoplifting or anti-social behavior, they can receive community sentences. This involves three-year supervision in special centers for minors. Also, a referral order can be issued in the court of law for minors who broke the law and who are found guilty of offences. This kind of fine implies the individual in varied programmes to properly reintegrate him/her back into society. A criminal solicitor in London is able to offer legal assistance for parents or tutors with problematic teenagers.

Custodial sentences if found guilty

If the seriousness of an offence has been established and an individual has been found guilty of such a crime, he/she can receive a custodial sentence. This comes with a special status that regards the offender as considered a threat to society. In the same case, an offender can receive an extended custodial sentence known as a public protection sentence and, in many cases, it can be the same thing with a life sentence. Please consider that our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer legal representation in the court of law during the trial.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London, in order to obtain legal representation and proper advice in case if you are found guilty in the court of law.