What Happens If You Are Found Not Guilty

Updated on Wednesday 14th November 2018

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If an individual is charged with a criminal offence, he/she will be considered not guilty until his or her guilt will be proven, according to the law, and will be recognized by the legal judgment of the Magistrates Court in the UK. Our criminal defence solicitors in London offer suitable guidance, information and legal representation for every individual charged with varied offences, in order to obtain the proper solution upon their case. The same team will be present in the court of law when the verdict is issued.

Opening declarations

Each side may outline the evidence to be offered to the jury during the process. Opening statements are not evidence, only expectations of what each side presumes the evidence to show. In this stage, witnesses are also invited to make testimonies in the court of law.

Presentation of evidence and witnesses testimony

The appellant's or prosecution's case will be presented first. When the witness testifies, he or she will be asked questions by the attorneys, in a direct trial. Evidence like papers, photos or weapons will be accepted as proof and are numbered for documentation. During the hearing, if a lawyer objects to a question, he/she will present his objection to the judge. These are questions which contain legal details and may be argued out of the defendant’s hearing. 

Closing arguments

The solicitors will recap the evidence and will try to convince the jury to find in favor of their client. The appellant has the burden of proof and therefore has the chance to open and close the arguments.

We have prepared a video about what happens if you are found not guilty of crimes and about the legal ways we can help: 


Deliberation – if you are found not guilty

In this stage, the jury will retire to the deliberation room to reflect upon the case and to reach a verdict. If the jurors have questions or doubts during their deliberation, they can write them down and have the law officer send them to the judge. When a verdict has been reached, the jurors will inform the bailiff. If the verdict is „not guilty”, the defendant is free of any charges and the trial can be closed. In order for you to be found not guilty, it is recommended to be advised by our criminal defence solicitors in London who are specialized in a wide range of criminal cases.

Further investigations in the case you have been involved in

Once the jury and the magistrates decided on the verdict of not being guilty, the charges against you are dropped, but further investigations will be made by the prosecution and by the police. Even if you are not guilty of crimes, there are chances for you to be listed as a possible witness and recalled in the court of law, if the authorities consider you have specific information to reveal. Furthermore, the case you have been involved in will continue to be investigated and if someone else has been found guilty of offences which earlier were related to you, that person can face imprisonment. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide you with legal support in the court of law and can help you with a suitable analysis on your case, in order to offer the best possible result, like being found not guilty of crimes.

When can charges be dropped?

Individuals accused of serious crimes in UK are held in police custody until the first hearing in the court of law if the bail has been rejected. In this time, the prosecution and the police must provide the court of law and to the magistrates a full evidence to sustain the case. One should know that if there is no proof against an offender, or if a witness withdrew the statement, the individual accused of serious crimes can be released from custody. This means that the offender is no longer seen as a suspect or guilty of crimes, until further investigations or evidence.

For comprehensive information about what happens if you are found not guilty in the court of law, please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.