What is an Unduly Lenient Sentence

Updated on Thursday 22nd November 2018

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An unduly lenient sentence is a punishment considered unreasonably low compared to the crimes committed. Such sentences, which are issued in the court of law in UK, can be appealed by anyone, not involved in a case, who considers a sentence for rape, for example, is too low. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can legally help persons accused of criminal offences in the UK, and if a sentence has been settled, the decision can be appealed to higher courts.

The meaning of unduly lenient sentence

The Crown Court in UK establishes the sentences in varied crime cases, and there are situations in which a verdict is too lenient compared to the gravity of the offences. This is called an unduly lenient sentence and there are cases where it can be issued for murder, robbery, serious fraud, child sex crimes, terror-related offences, rape or religious hate crimes. An unduly lenient sentence can be revised on request by the Attorney’s General Office in UK, and can be contested by anyone aware of the case, no matter if he/she took part of the trial or he/she is a simple citizen. An unduly lenient sentence is considered inappropriate in most cases, especially if the circumstances and the consequences reveal the gravity of the criminal offence. For example, an individual can receive minimum 7 years for accusations of Class A drug traffic offences. If the offender received less than this period, it is considered that the magistrate has made an error principle or failed to impose the right verdict.

We remind that if you want to appeal an unduly lenient sentence in UK, a suitable legal support is necessary, where our defence solicitors in London can help. On the other hand, if you received an unduly lenient sentence and you do not agree with the decision, it is best to see a criminal lawyer in UK for complete legal help.

Reviewing an unduly lenient sentence 

Rape, murder, terrorism, child sexual abuse, serious drug crime, or manslaughter are punished in accordance with the law in UK. For certain reasons, a trial of a serious case like the ones mentioned above may end with a low sentence, even if the offence is extremely serious and there are solid grounds to consider a severe punishment might be suitable. An unduly lenient sentence can be received in such cases, but it can be contested in front of high courts by anyone, within 28 days since the verdict has been settled. Details about the crime committed, the sentence given must be offered to the Attorney General’s Office in charge of such reviews. Our defence solicitors in London can legally support you if you decide to appeal for an unduly lenient sentence in UK, a matter where specific conditions need to be met.

For additional information about unduly lenient sentences in UK, we invite you to get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.