What is Probation in UK?

Updated on Tuesday 18th April 2017

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Individuals released from prison on parole or who serve community sentences in the UK are actually on probation. In this time, the offenders are enforced to accept particular terms and conditions under the strict supervision of an offender manager. You can receive support while on probation from our criminal defence solicitors in London who can also explain the rights you have while on probation. Besides that, we remind that a suitable approach in the court of law in the UK will lead to best results, after a complete analysis of your probation case.

What you have to consider while on probation in UK

Persons accused of certain crimes in the UK and sent to prison can be released on parole if they have completed a part of the sentence with a good behavior. The rest of the sentence can be served in the probation period where conditions are enforced. For instance, the person can attend to certain educational programmes, receive medical treatments if he/she needs special attention for particular addictions, work without payment, and see his/her offender manager at a settled date. For legal advice regarding your probation period, it is best to solicit help from our defence lawyers in UK.

The role of the offender manager in the UK

Any person released on parole and on probation will have an officer or a manager who supervises him and explains the responsibilities that come with the probation period. We remind that the offender must not commit any other crimes, otherwise he/she will be sent back to prison. If you want to change your domicile, attend to significant meetings like the religious ones or you need to see your doctor if you are under a special treatment to improve your health, you are obliged to tell your manager all the aspects.

What happens if you break the probation rules?

The conditions of your parole need to be respected if you don’t want to get back to prison. People on probation who commit other criminal offences or do not attend to the obliged meetings with the officers in charge with their case can be sent back to the court of law, where the magistrates can reconsider the terms of the probation and send the person back to prison.

Additional information about the probation in the UK can be found if you contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.


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