What is the Intellectual Property Crime in the UK?

Updated on Monday 19th November 2018

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What is the Intellectual Property Crime in the UK? Image
The criminal intellectual property refers to the illegal manufacture and distribution of different goods or products under a certain trade mark, without the brands’ consent. In other words, companies that choose illegal methods to sell goods and to gain money can be accused of a severe criminal offence in the UK. Our  criminal defence solicitors in London can offer legal assistance and guidance if you are being accused of such crimes.

Infringements related to IP rights in the UK

The Intellectual Property Law in the UK protects the inventions of a person giving him full rights upon his artwork. If an individual wants to copy or distribute such work  (no matter the domain) without paying for the rights and without the author's consent, then he can be accused of a criminal offence and can be punished. Pirated items, unlicensed software, selling copies of products of a company, or using special equipment to distribute the content via the internet are considered infringements and can be punished with severe fines and imprisonment.  

If you find yourself accused of criminal IP, you should solicit help and guidance from our criminal solicitors in London who will analyze your case to offer a suitable approach in the court of law.

What you need to know about the copyright infringement in the UK

The Copyright Law in the UK aligns with the accepted laws worldwide related to the rights of an author and his work. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, copy or sell artworks (photography, movies, music, literature, etc.) if the copyright is not respected. This is also available for persons who want to broadcast a particular work in front of public and take full credit without permission. If you consider your work has been copied or illegally used, you have the right to act in the court of law, an important case where our lawyers in the UK can assist you.

Make sure to contact our team of defence solicitors in London for additional information about the intellectual property crime in the country or about the Copyright Law in the UK.