When Can a Case be Reopened in UK?

Updated on Friday 23rd November 2018

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When Can a Case be Reopened in UK? Image
According to the Criminal Justice Act 2003, the cases of very serious offences can be reopened, if new evidence is presented by the prosecution. This can happen when an offender already received a conviction, but with suitable legal support from our team of criminal defence solicitors in London, a new verdict, if issued, can be appealed to highest courts in the UK. No matter the type of offence you have been accused of, our lawyers in UK can provide you with legal support.

Reopening a criminal case in UK

Our defence solicitors in London deal with varied cases, including the reopened ones where a different approach is considered. Under certain circumstances, the Magistrates’ Court can reopen some cases if they want to change or repeal a sentence or verdict. In some situations, a changed sentence may involve the replacement of the verdict if it is considered invalid for some reason. The decision or the verdict in a particular case can be reconsidered by the magistrates, therefore, reopening the criminal case can be a suitable option, especially if it is in the best interest of the justice in the UK. Our criminal lawyers in London can legally guide their clients towards a better result in reopened cases in UK.

What is the meaning of the interests of justice?

Reopening a criminal case in UK is definitely related to the purposes of the justice in that particular situation, where a verdict or a sentence can be reconsidered. For instance, the authorities can reopen a criminal case if the verdict raises question marks regarding the prejudice or the difficulties produced by the opposing parties involved in the trial. Additionally, one should know that if the right of appeal has been denied due to an unequivocal guilty plea of an offender, there is a chance for a more suitable appeal to be considered, therefore, reopening the case in this matter can be performed. The defence solicitors in London will weigh any options in the best interest of their clients and will adopt any legal methods for a better decision in the court of law.

Additional information about how to reopen a case in UK can be found if you contact our criminal defence solicitors in London.