When Do You Need a Criminal Solicitor in London?

Updated on Thursday 08th December 2016

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When Do You Need a Criminal Solicitor in London? Image
The criminal defence solicitor in London can offer legal assistance for individuals accused of different crimes, such as serious offences, theft charges, drug possession, traffic offences, business crimes or violent crimes. With a proper analysis of the case, you can receive information and assistance at the police station if you are under arrest. The criminal solicitor in London can also represent you at the Court of Law in the UK.

Defence for serious offences in the UK

A serious offence in the UK refers to robbery, bribery, prostitution, human traffic, corruption or money laundering. If you are being accused of such crimes, it is recommended to solicit help and guidance from our criminal lawyer in London. He will verify your case and the circumstances and will also provide you with the proper defence if you are being accused of a certain serious offence in the UK.

Defence for business crimes in the UK

The business crime usually refers to fraud, money laundering, bribery, corruption or illegal financial gain. The small and the large companies are the key targets in the UK, that deal with business crimes. If your enterprise is believed to act illegally and to perform unlawful activities, you should ask for legal assistance from our criminal solicitor in London. He is able to analyze the companies’ documents and activities and to identify the possible crimes or frauds. Take into consideration that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK deals with the penalties and the licenses for the existing companies in the country.

Defence for minor offences in the UK

The trespassing, the traffic offences, the petty assault or the theft offences are considered minor offences and can be punished according to the gravity of every case. The UK criminal lawyer will examine your situation and the circumstances and can demonstrate you are not involved in such cases. The authorities in charge may apply different penalties or warnings, according to your situation.

Legal assistance when applying for bail

Our criminal defence lawyers in London can prepare the bail application, no matter the type of offence you are involved in. The defendant needs to respect particular rules related to bail, such as:

•    he cannot make any contact with a witness from the case;
•    he needs to show up in Court to answer to all questions related to bail;
•    he must avoid any other offences.
As a conclusion, our team of criminal solicitors in London can provide you with additional information and legal assistance, if you are involved in different offences, so make sure to contact us.


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