Why Choose Us as your Defence Solicitors in London?

Updated on Sunday 11th December 2016

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Why Choose Us as your Defence Solicitors in London? Image
If you have been involved or accused in certain criminal cases in the UK, you should ask for help and legal assistance from our defence solicitors in London. Our legal services are available for both persons and companies, who are being investigated for different offences, and proper help and assistance are necessary when determining the circumstances and analyzing the case.


How can a defence solicitor in London help you?

Our legal services are fast, proactive and confident, three of the most important features you should consider when looking for a defence solicitor in London. Our team is specialized in different areas and can offer legal assistance if there are theft charges, drug offences or other serious crimes involved. If you wish to appeal the sentence, you may rely on our expertise. The appeal to sentence can be done within 21 days and you can receive all the details you need regarding the procedure, the rules and the regulations in the UK.

Our criminal defence solicitor can provide you with suitable assistance if you are charged with bribery, kidnapping, cyber-crimes, arms traffic or road offences. With a correct approach upon your case, you can receive the best possible result if you solicit the help and knowledge of our criminal lawyers in London.

Police station representation 

In case you have been arrested for a particular crime, you should avoid making any statement in front of the police officers before talking to our defence lawyers in London. As a reminder, you have the right to obtain free advice and notice about the main legal privileges. If your case requires, a medical assistance or a translator will be provided for you. The defence solicitor in London can offer assistance in such case and has the legal obligation to impose your rights during police custody.

You can solicit legal representation for different criminal charges in the UK

As a conclusion, our criminal defence lawyers in London can offer legal assistance for the following situations:

•    in case of sex offences;
•    in case of military law offences;
•    in case of fraud;
•    in case of serious crimes;
•    in cartel and corporate investigations;
•    in corruption cases;
•    for extradition;
•    in case of drug offences.

If you find yourself in such situations, it is recommended to ask for help and guidance from our team of defence solicitors in London. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information about our legal services and expertise.


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