Why Do You Need Defence Services?

Updated on Friday 13th October 2017

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If you are involved in criminal offences or if you are suspect in cases like drug, minor, military or road traffic offences, it is recommended to ask for legal representation and proper guidance upon your case. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are specialized in a wide range of criminal offences and can offer guidance and representation in the court of law. The same team can provide support in appeals to sentences or when applying for bail.

Defence for theft charges in the UK

If an individual is accused of theft in the UK, he/she needs to know the method through which he/she will be subjected in the case. This kind of accusation is controlled by the Theft Act, which specifies what types of circumstances are considered theft, the way in which they will be controlled by the local authorities and the legal effects they have on the blamed individuals.

Defence for drug offences

The British legislation specifies that it is illegal to have any types of drugs unless the individual can show the proof of an authorization in this case. This rule is applicable in a situation of controlled drugs, which can be used only under the provisions of the Drug Misuse Act. Our defence solicitors in London will assist and represent you for any drug offences, regardless of the class they are counted in. 

Defence for serious offences

A serious offence is either one mentioned in the Schedule 1 of Serious Crime Act or another that the court decides it is serious enough to be treated accordingly. If an individual is suspected of committing an act which is categorized as a serious offence under the UK legislation can ask for help, guidance, and representation from our team of lawyers in UK.

Legal assistance for extradition

Extradition is the process in which a country transfers a criminal, a convicted or a suspected person to another country. The process of extradition means that the representatives of one country ask their counterpart from another state to return a certain person for trial or for serving the sentence for which he was condemned.  Persons involved in a case of extradition are advised to receive legal assistance and guidance from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

If you want to apply for bail

Regardless the case you are involved in, the defence lawyers will make a bail application which is likely to develop certain oppositions and they will answer them in advance by proposing the magistrate the bail terms. Proper planning of a bail application will rise opportunities of inquiry that bail solicitors should follow to approve.

Defence for traffic offences

There are numerous cases where individuals are accused of speeding, driving under alcohol influence or leaving the scene of the accident. Without proper evidence in traffic offences in UK, a case can be dismissed. But if a person is found guilty of serious traffic offences, he/she can be subject to fines, imprisonment or even both. Our team of defence solicitors in London will offer appropriate legal representation in such cases, mentioning that each situation is different and should be treated accordingly. No matter the gravity of the traffic offences you are involved in, it is suggested to solicit defence services immediately.

Appeal to sentences

In situations of serious offences where a sentence has been issued in the court of law, an individual can appeal the decision. With a vast experience in such appeals, our defence solicitors in UK are able to provide their clients defence services, especially if pleaded not guilty. Such appeal of a sentence needs to be issued in about 21 days from the day of the decision at the Court of Appeal. The entire procedure can be explained by our team of advisors who can also explain you the legal rights when appealing a sentence in UK.

Police station representation in UK

Individuals arrested for a different type of offence in the UK and kept in police custody are recommended to ask for legal support. They are also suggested to answer no questions until defence services are obtained. The criminal defence lawyers in UK can provide to arrested persons details about their rights when detained in police custody and can help them be released on bail until further hearings in the court of law.

Our team of criminal defence solicitors in London offer legal advice and representation for every case above and many others, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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