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Updated on Wednesday 17th July 2019

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Wire fraud is the type of crime where individuals obtain money from victims by using different methods: fax, email, phone, social media, etc. False promises involving all kinds of products, services or investments are made for persons who are convinced to pay different sums of money. In fact, these are nothing but scams, also known as wire frauds. If you believe you have been fouled by such fraudsters, you are advised to talk to our wire fraud solicitors in London.

Wire frauds in short details

Frauds are met on a daily basis in different forms, whether online or offline. Social media messaging, phone calls, faxes, texts, internet chat rooms, and emails are among the channels used for wire fraud at an international level. Here are a few facts you should know about wide frauds in UK:
  1. Telemarketing frauds are part of wire fraud category where people are convinced to pay money for something they won’t receive.
  2. Wire communication involves the use of phone calls, text messages emails and anything related.
  3. Wire frauds can also involve international phone calls.
  4. The purpose of wire frauds is to obtain financial gains.
  5. Wire frauds can also involve the use of the internet and different communication methods.
Defrauding a victim of money or other assets via wire fraud schemes is definitely against the laws in UK, and persons accused of such offences can face several years of imprisonment. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of wire fraud solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice if you have been accused of such crimes or if you are a victim of fraud.

What types of wire frauds are met?

The telemarketing fraud involves victims who are convinced to provide information about their bank accounts or make money transfers over the phone. There are phantom companies that use all the necessary resources to develop such fraud schemes with the use of phone calls that sound extremely convincing. Phishing fraud is another form of wire fraud where unwanted emails containing convincing stories about charity works or big prizes are sent. This is definitely another scam meant to access your personal information, including emails, and bank account, by simply clicking a link found in such email. As a piece of personal advice in this direction, you should mark as spam all emails announcing large sums of money or other types of prices. You can also report the case if you have been defrauded. In this direction, you can talk to our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal support and representation.

What is the Nigerian prince scam?

Another form of wire fraud involves the Nigerian prince scam where persons are called and told to send some money to a so-called Nigerian prince who experienced a terrible tragedy in the country of origin. Also, the same person found in a so-called difficult position asks for information about a personal bank account to make a deposit until he is safe and sound. This is simply another scam that makes lots of victims on an international scale because there are numerous persons who believe such stories and want to help. In the end, they will find out that all their money is lost and bank accounts are empty. It is highly recommended to avoid such scams over the phone and report them to the police, highlighting the fact that you should not give your personal information to persons promising sums of money out of nowhere.

Support offered by our criminal solicitors in London

Our wire fraud solicitors in London have experience in fraud cases of any kind, so it is best to talk to one of our advisors and ask for legal assistance. Persons or companies accused of such crimes should know that it is impetuous to solicit immediate legal advice, as the case might get complicated if large sums of money are involved. Your advisor will have to know all the aspects in your case and see if there is enough evidence to start the proceedings. Below you can find out some statistics and facts about the frauds in UK:
  • according to the latest numbers, victims of cyber fraud lose around GBP 190,000 each day;
  • fraud and scams of approximately GBP 1.2 billion have been registered in UK in 2018;
  • an increase of 16% has been registered in 2018 as unauthorized financial frauds;
  • more than 84,000 financial fraud cases have been reported last year.
If you believe you have been a victim of wire fraud or if you have been accused of such crimes, it is best to talk to one of our wire fraud solicitors in London. Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in London and ask for comprehensive legal advice.